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I am the only HR person in a small business, how do I help our managers understand the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Small business is a critical driver in our economy and a very attractive option for those who are looking for work. The people seeking jobs include people with disabilities. However, because small business has less support from human resource professionals, they have fewer supports to understand how best to include people with disabilities in the workforce. A recent study by the Northeast ADA Center at Cornell University found that small business need support to understand the cost of accommodation and how best to provide appropriate accommodations, how to talk about disability, and how to communicate company policies that support employees with disabilities. The Small Business at Work Toolkit was designed as a resource that breaks down key components of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into an easy to use resource for small businesses. With the toolkit, you can learn more about the benefits of a business that includes people with disabilities, understand what constitutes a disability, and break down some of the myths about disability that can make including people with disabilities in a small business difficult. The Toolkit also breaks down some of the requirements of the ADA into plain language that is much easier to understand. Share the link with business owners, managers, and employees so that they can understand how and why to include people with disabilities in your small business.



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