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Recent changes in disability laws and policies could lead to sweeping changes for individuals with disabilities in the workplace and other areas of life.  New rules for Rehabilitation Act (RA) Section 503 impact how employers recruit, hire, retain and accommodate workers with disabilities.  Signed into law in 2008, the ADA Amendments Act has changed the employment landscape for individuals with disabilities.  Most of what is written about Section 503 and the ADA Amendments Act has been directed toward employers.  But individuals with disabilities are also impacted.  During these two webinars, we will co-explore the meaning of Section 503 and the ADAAA for individuals with disabilities and for the employment service providers who serve them. 

The October 8 webinar focuses on what people with disabilities and VR professionals most need to know about RA Section 503 and the ADAAA (as well as other laws).  The October 22 webinar is an interactive session that will focus on real-life employment implications for RA Section 503 and ADAAA for individuals with disabilities and those who serve them.   


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